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The company


was founded in 1975

by Ilias and Yiannis Giannopoulos and initially began dealing with the production and marketing of printed textiles, while an important company with a sales network was soon developed throughout Greece and in many foreign countries.

The company’s basic philosophy from its beginning till now, is what characterizes its forty – three year course and its commercial expansion.

The company’s success and the acceptance and the confidence that it enjoys from its ever growing customer base, is based on three objectives: customer respect, diligence and consistency.


These are the secrets of our company’s long course, which become obvious to anyone who trusts us with his preference for our products. - Bottom info


With our long experience in the textiles field,

the professionalism of our permanent executives and our

flexibility in the changing market conditions, we continue

this successful journey with innovative ideas and the freshness of new generation.

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" Decorating is not a view,                   it's a point of view. "

           Albert Hadley



Main Office: 2 Averof Str & Iera Odos Aven.
Zip code: 12244 Area: Egaleo

Athens - Greece

T: +(30) 2105319952 F: +(30) 2105319956-7 E: